Companies have to face a sea of information in today’s global environment. It is very important the organization that the data is easily accessible whenever required in such a manner that it helps the decision makers in decision making and enhances company’s performance.

Microsoft Business Intelligence tools help in gathering information and in its analysis which makes decision making easier for managers or decision makers. Microsoft’s Business intelligence tools lets you access data securely when you need, giving you confidence for making future business decisions.

Microsoft SQL Server

MS SQL Server helps you to make smarter decisions with its perfect and integrated information platform. It helps organizations with better insights across the organization. It has many benefits like: Clear Presentation of Facts, Flexible Application, Bringing Stakeholder Together, Super-Fast Response etc.

SQL Server Reporting Services

SQL Server Reporting Services is a complete and highly scalable solution. It helps in real time decision making. SSRS tools not only help you to create, unfold and manage reports but also give you programming features to customize your reporting functionality.

SQL Server Integration Services

SSIS is a platform for building enterprise-level data integration and data transformation solutions. It is used to pull out data from any of an innumerable of sources, such as SQL Server databases, Excel files, flat files, Oracle and DB2 databases etc. It manipulates and transforms the data and delivers it to one or more data destinations.

  • We are proud of our expertise in working with Business Intelligence applications backed by SQL Server data-warehouses.
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  • expertise and vast industry experience using Microsoft BI platform can assist any organization implement the full range of MS Business Intelligent products, ranging from building an enterprise Data warehouse on the SQL Server platform, ETL Development using SQL Server Integration Services and report development using SSRS.